Torre Collevento is a historic villa where every detail speaks of a past rich in events and emotions.

Owned by Greta, Giacomo, and their four children. For several years, they have lovingly and devotedly managed every aspect of the villa, preserving its aura of elegance and history. Greta and Giacomo, bound by a deep friendship with the Di Cesare family, collaborate in the management of their villa Pietra Campana, and they love to consider them  “Twin Villas.”





– Stanley Tucci, from “Searching for Italy”
The historic town of Orvieto is a favorite of Italians and International vacationers because of the lush green hills, Olive groves, grape vineyards, architecture and rich history. The history begins with the Etruscans who inhabited the area until around 300BC. It took the Romans two years to conquer Orvieto which is a natural fortress with it’s cliffs on all sides. There are many Etruscan and Roman artifacts still around today. A favorite of the Pope’s, Orvieto has been blessed with a Cathedral, a well and other structures gifted by popes. In the heart of Italy, the central location makes Orvieto a great base for day trips. Rome and Florence are each and hour and a half away. Sienna, Pisa, San Gimignano, Bolsena and Civita di Bagnoregio are all just short rides away. At Pietra Campana we are very proud of our history, city, and the hospitality and kindness of the people in the area.